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Class 42 Grads

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Alternative Education Program

Are you looking for an educational alternative? Do you need a program that does what others just can’t do? We offer both GEDs through the Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP), and Virginia approved high school credits through our credit recovery program.

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It’s Time for a

Positive Change

Alternative education doesn’t have to be boring

Many families who come to Commonwealth ChalleNGe have tried other programs, even some other alternative education programs. What they learn when they explore the Commonwealth ChalleNGe Youth Academy is that this dynamic education program is just the alternative they’ve been looking for.

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Our next class begins Monday, October 5, 2015!

And make sure to attend one of our ORIENTATIONS or INFO Sessions.

If your teen will be 16 – 18 in October, then you owe it to yourself to download and review the application, and APPLY NOW! You may also request more specific information from our admissions staff. But, please remember, space for this FREE alternative education program is highly limited, so don’t delay. GET STARTED TODAY!

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Learn more about the national program* at the CBS Website.

*The Virginia Commonwealth ChalleNGe Youth Academy is one of 35 National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program sites nationwide.
We are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at Camp Pendleton.

School Drop Out Crisis


Learn about the crisis of high school
dropouts in America
and how Commonwealth ChalleNGe can help!

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