Application Process

To apply, there are three things you must do:

– Complete the Cadet Application
– Nominate your Mentor
– Attend an Orientation

You can attend an orientation before, during, or after you have completed the application.


In the front of the application packet, there is a CHECKLIST. That checklist is designed to make sure you get and send all the completed and signed forms, and COPIES of the documents, that we need!

Your application won’t be considered complete until we have ALL these documents. And, depending on circumstances, this phase could take a few weeks, so start right away!



There are only TWO classes per year at Camp Pendleton! They begin in MARCH and OCTOBER.

Applications for enrollment in the March class will be accepted until all of our spaces are filled.

Applications for the October class will be accepted through September 1st or until all spaces are fill.

Space is limited so early applications are encouraged.

Get Detailed Instructions and Apply NOW!



If you have any questions about the program or need assistance in downloading or completing the application, please request more information.