Detailed Application Instructions

Please read the following steps below, carefully. Please also keep in mind our application deadlines.

We encourage you to attend an application/orientation session and complete an application as soon as possible.

Application Deadlines

Applications will be accepted through mid-February for enrollment in the March class and through early August for enrollment in the October class. Space is limited so early applications are encouraged.

Applications will be processed and reviewed on a monthly basis. If you miss the deadline for the month, your application will be moved to the next review. After your application is received and reviewed, and your application passes, you will be extended an invitation to Pre-Processing.

+Step 1: Attend an Orientation Session or Open House

Contact an admissions counselor to reserve a seat for one of our Open Houses or Statewide Orientation Sessions.

Click Here For Upcoming Orientations

All Candidates MUST attend at least one Open House or Orientation before enrollment.

NOTE: You may complete your application and send it in before you attend the Orientation or Open House. This will allow us to process faster, and get you a decision, sooner.

+Step 2: Complete the Application


Step 1: Visit our Application page. Read every page of the application carefully.

Step 2: Complete the application either online or as a downloadable pdf.

Ensure you have completely filled out  the application and that it is signed by the by Parent/Guardian and applicant. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Candidates MUST have a full Physical done before in-processing. If you are completing the form online, complete it to the best of your abilities and mail in supplementary documentation.

(please see the bottom of this page for details about mailing or faxing the application).

Step 3: Ask!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact an admissions counselor for assistance.

+Step 3: Send Only Copies

When mailing the application to your admissions counselor, send a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, social security card and shot record.

DO NOT send the original documents, only copies will be accepted.

+Step 4: Social Security Card and State ID

If you are unable to locate your social security card, or do not have a Virginia ID card, you must apply for a new one.

You are required to submit a copy of your social security card to enter the program.

A state ID card or federal ID card (military dependent ID) will be required to take the GED.  You should apply for either of these ID cards in advance of attending ChalleNGe.

+Step 5: Obtain Physical and Send Doctor’s Release

You are required to have a full physical PRIOR to reporting to Challenge. If you are under the care of a medical provider to include:

• a medical doctor

• a therapist

• a psychologist or

• a psychiatrist

— for any condition, diagnosis, or daily prescription medication —

you must send a doctor’s release indicating that your are physically and or emotionally able to participate in all aspects of the program.

+Step 6: Locate Legal Documentation

If you are on probation, your probation officer must sign the Legal Information Form, and attach his/her business card.

You must provide the Academy with a copy of all court documents regarding any involvement with the legal system.

We cannot accept anyone with a felony charge or conviction, or a “deferred entry of judgment”, unless the felony had been reduced to a misdemeanor and/or the deferment is completed and the charges have been dropped or expunged.

+Step 7: Nominate Your Mentor

All applicants must identify and nominate their own mentor for the program.

Use the mentor worksheet for assistance. The mentor worksheet explains the requirements that mentors must meet, and provides ideas for how to select a good mentor.

Applicants may also submit their mentor nominee’s completed mentor application along with the cadet application for admission into the Academy.

But, you can also send your cadet application to us before the mentor application is completed. Either way, however, we need to receive the mentor application no later than the class start date for which you are applying.

NOTE: The mentor may also send the mentor application to us directly.

(please see the bottom of this page for details about mailing or faxing the application).

+Step 8: Make a Copy of Your Application

When you have fully completed your application, we recommend making a copy for your records prior to mailing it to the Academy.

+Step 9: Submit Your Application

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. We ask that you please only submit fully completed candidate applications. After you submit the completed application, you will be scheduled for your Pre-Processing Day.

You can submit your application in one of four ways:

-Scan and email it to
-Fax it to 757-491-2146
-Mail it to:
Commonwealth Challenge
253 C Street, State Military Reservation
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
-Bring in your application in person to our office
(Office Hours are 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday)

+Step 10: Schedule your Pre-Processing Day

Once the applicant has been reviewed by the Admissions Review Committee,the applicant will be scheduled for their Pre-Processing Day. The Pre-Processing Days will take place during the week three weeks prior to the start of each class. One of our admissions staff will call you to schedule your time and date.  The Pre-Processing Day will consist of:

– 50 Minutes of “Cadet Life,” which will simulate your day to day life as a Cadet
-Medical Check-In
– Briefings (Director, Deputy Director, Lead Teacher, RPM, Parent Association)

There will also be a review of any legal issues.


+Step 11: Report for In-Processing

The applicant, their parent/guardian, and mentor will be required to report to the ChalleNGe Academy at an established date prior to class start date for in-processing.

At this time, the applicant will be checked in by both admissions and medical. The parent/guardians will receive in-processing briefs and the mentor will complete the required mentor training.


If you have any questions about the program or need assistance in downloading or completing the application, please contact one of our admissions staff by clicking on their name to access their e-mail address:

Luther Boykin

Joshua Sheffield

Victor Smith

You may also call if you need additional assistance:

(757) 491-5932 ext. 235, 231, 254 or 1-800-796-6472


Commonwealth ChalleNGe Youth Academy is a great choice for most students; however, not everyone is suited for this physically demanding program.

Get the Application and Get Started!

To apply, download and complete the cadet application. Also, download the mentor application and give it to your mentor to complete. Mail your application to the address below.


Make sure to give the mailing address AND the fax number to your mentor!

Commonwealth Challenge Youth Academy
Attention: Admissions
253 C Street, State Military Reservation
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451-2576
(757) 491-5932 ext. 235 or 254