Daily Life

Activities & Training

A normal weekday schedule consists of the following activities: physical training, personal hygiene, barracks maintenance, meals, classes, tutoring, after-school clubs, work projects, team sports, study hall, personal time, and sleep. This is an example of the schedule and is subject to change based on training requirements.

0600-0630:   Wake up, Morning Accountability, Personal Hygiene
0630-0745:    Breakfast

0800-0815     Formation/Colors
0815-1130:     Classroom Instruction, Work Projects
1130-1230:     Lunch
1245-1500:     Classroom Instruction, Work Projects
1500-1615:     Tutoring/Clubs

1630-1730:    Physical Training, Athletics, Group Projects
1730-1830:    Evening Meal
1830-1930:    Study Time
1930-2030:   Personal Hygiene
2030-2130:   Cadet Time

2130:               Lights Out

There are no classes during the weekend.  Weekend activities include: visiting local gyms and local parks, adventure training, field trips, outdoor sports, movie nights, service to community, uniform inspections, and nondenominational religious services. Cadets will also make phone calls to their families and Mentors on the weekends.

ChalleNGe follows a rigid training schedule throughout the residential phase of the program. Our training schedule is optimized to provide the maximum amount of training in the residential phase and incorporates all eight core components of the ChalleNGe model.