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School Dropout Crisis 234x300, Commonwealth ChalleNGe Youth Academy

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Contacting Your Cadet While They Are in the Challenge Program

Mailing Address:
Commonwealth ChalleNGe Youth Academy
Attn: Cadet’s Last Name, First Name Platoon ___
253 C St., State Military Reservation
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Email Your Cadet at: (with Cadet’s name and Platoon in the subject line)

Phone: Cadets get weekly phone calls. Weekly Phone calls begin after the first 2 weeks.

The Problem

The high school dropout problem in America today is staggering.

Estimates put the number of teenagers who quit high school at more than one million students per year! And without an education, the future for these teens who drop out is all but secure or optimistic.

Yet more than two thirds of young men and women who abandoned their high school careers before getting a diploma said that if they had the chance to do it all over again, they would stay in school.