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Contacting Your Cadet While They Are in the Challenge Program

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Phone: Cadets get weekly phone calls. They will call you at certain times during the program.



The Problem

The high school dropout problem in America today is staggering.

Estimates put the number of teenagers who quit high school at more than one million students per year! And without an education, the future for these teens who drop out is all but secure or optimistic.

Yet more than two thirds of young men and women who abandoned their high school careers before getting a diploma said that if they had the chance to do it all over again, they would stay in school.

dropout crisis

The Specifics:

There could be just a single issue, or more than one issue involved. And these issues can play a big part in derailing the education of many teens. These can include:

• Academic challenges
• Lack of motivation, focus
• Trouble with the law
• Bad decisions
• Gangs and violence
• Family or emotional problems

Concerned parents—desperate for answers—often try enlisting the help various people and organizations in an effort to help their child get back on track. Some of these include:

• Guidance counselors and teachers
• Members of their faith communities
• Public programs
• The criminal justice system

In some cases, however, these interventions do not work. That’s why Commonwealth Challenge Youth Academy’s unique approach becomes a lifeline for families who have tried “everything else.”

Success Stories:

But for parents of teens who successfully complete the academy, their student’s success seems miraculous. In fact, at the 35 National Guard sponsored sites across the nation, parents actually wrote in to share the good news.

One parent put it this way. She said that the program, “brought out all of the strength, motivation and goodness that I knew was in my son, but which one else, not counselors, grandparents … nor pastors had been able to reach.”

Another parent commented that the program got her son, “back on the right track, and he is steadily on it.” She added that he is, “doing very well with his hopes and dreams.”

An Invitation:

After reading a little about the problem and our solution, we invite you to learn more about the Virginia Commonwealth ChalleNGe Youth Academy. It just may be what you’ve been looking for.

We offer classes two times each year. And we are accepting applications!


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