Mentor Training Schedule


Below is the list of scheduled Mentor Training Sessions for Class 48. Mentor Training is a MANDATORY  part of the Mentor Application process. Remember, Mentors are NOT REQUIRED TO PAY  for any application or background search fees. Please RSVP to Mentor Training in the form below, or call 757-491-5932 ext. 240.

Date/Time                                                      Location

By Appointment. Call Mr. James at 757-491-5932 ext. 240 to schedule.


Office Hours (8:00AM-4:30PM) Phone Number: 757-491-5932 ext. 240

After Hours Cell Number: 757-536-1683

To email your Cadet use:

In the subject line, put your Cadet's full name and platoon number

Mentor Training RSVP Form

Mentor Training Date You Wish to Attend:*
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