Candidate and Mentor Applications

Candidate Application (Part One)

Please download and print Part 1 of the application above. Once you have submitted the application with the additional source documents, we will contact you about further processing and Part 2 of the application.

Mentor Application

Below we have attached links to download sample Male and Female Cadet Packing Lists. These lists will give you an idea of what your child needs to bring to Challenge, if he or she is accepted.

Sample Male Packing List

Sample Female Packing List


Request Application

In order to receive a Cadet Application, or if you can't download and print it off, please complete and submit the following form and let us know, and an Admissions Representative will contact you with the Application. We can mail or fax you an application, if necessary. Please call us at 757-491-5932 ext. 231, 235 or 254.

If you would like more information on Commonwealth Challenge, please fill out the following form, and an Admissions Representative will contact you.

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